EU leaders to build fortress Europe

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Brussels – The EU must turn into a fortress Europe, is unreachable for migrants with boats illegally over the Mediterranean Sea. There are EU leaders today in Brussels during their summit would agree, but sight on a solution for new asielregels there is still a long time left. That means that chancellor angela Merkel presented a huge political problem.

Also yesterday there was a group of migrants in Spain

A better surveillance of the external borders should be there for to ensure that Italy with less inflow is saddled. The country has its boundaries for migrantenboten closed and complains about a lack of solidarity from the rest.

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The EU wants to ’ontschepingsplatformen’ in North Africa set up, where intercepted migrants to be returned. How this care exactly must going to look like, has yet to be fully worked out.

Many practical objections

Although there are many practical difficulties if the EU wants after years of whimper now really work on reception in the region. African countries are, however, not to jump. There will be a considerable pocket money necessary for governments to cooperate to enforce. There is also thought to not just a job of the European market for these countries, so that they can more easily export.

Where there is a relatively large consensus on a stricter surveillance of the external borders, simultaneously there is still no beginning of a solution for the scrolling with asylum seekers that Europe is already achieved. The free travel within the Union is therefore under pressure.

Chancellor Merkel has her zusterpartij CSU an ultimatum given to come up with a solution. The big question is whether they can pull in to a political crisis in their own country.

Thorn in the eye of Merkel

It is the Bavarian zusterpartij of But CDU a thorn in the eye that migrants elsewhere recorded (in Italy especially) will not be returned. The asielregels, arranged in the so-called Dublin regulation, require that an asylum seeker may be returned to the country of arrival. During the vluchtelingencrisis in 2015 went on this system in Germany, however, overboard.

The CSU threatens the border with Austria to a close. If that happens Austria’s border with Italy dichtgooien, so that no migrant can travel to the north. Schengen, the free travel is one of the greatest achievements of the EU, is dead.

Pressure increased

The pressure on Merkel by the CSU Wednesday, what further increased. The chancellor hopes to have deals with groups of countries. A comprehensive deal on reform of the Dublin rules, there is a blockage of a small group of Eastern European countries led by Poland and Hungary. They feel nothing for a mandatory redistribution of recognised refugees throughout the Union.

The tension about the meeting today and tomorrow in Brussels is great. Not only depends But political life on a silk thread, the whole asieldiscussie loves the EU almost three years in a stranglehold. “We have been talking since 2015 on a reform of Dublin,” says one senior EU source. “That has still to nothing lead. For now, let’s try to focus on reducing the inflow.”

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