EU and UN to discuss shelters outside of Europe

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BRUSSELS – The plan to make migrants at sea to be picked up to transfer to reception centres outside Europe can be further developed in cooperation with the UN. The condition is that the government there was the green light for that. EU-buitenlandchef Federica Mogherini said at the EU summit in Brussels that they are around this “ontschepingsplatforms” is working with the UN agencies, UNHCR (refugees) and IOM (migration).

Federica Mogherini

The Italian and the executives of both organisations to work on a “sustainable framework” in which the human rights and international law to the fore. The concept has the support of many government, but is not yet very concrete. So, there are still no countries in Africa that have shown interest. Prime minister Mark Rutte said the possibilities to see to closing deals such as with Turkey. “That must soon be practically designed.”

European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker asked for “any restraint. We can here in Brussels’t decide for North-African countries. We are working on it, but we must not give the impression that there would be neo-colonialism.” Also the German chancellor angela Merkel said that “we are first that countries need to talk”.

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