Ed Sheeran works hard, but drown in the ArenA

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Compared to large masses of people is Ed Sheeran (27) at its best, we saw the past few years. Lowlands, Pinkpop, Ziggo Dome, all he got them flat. In that heroic urge to act appeared to be the Johan Cruijff Arena only nėt a step too far, proved to be Thursday night. Despite the totally unexpected help from Robbie Williams.

Nothing to the detriment of the efforts of the red-haired singer-songwriter. That was, as always, infectiously strong. Full of confidence, he performed his tens of thousands in Amsterdam gathered fans alone to meet, he hung up his guitar and went to work – he klokte just not in. No grotesque poses, supportive band and orchestra or excessive special effects with this Brit. With the clever use of his loopmachine (which he his own speelsels can record and repeat) he is also in stadiums, just everything is itself and therefor that always has a slot applause at his place.

That Robbie Williams at the end came to mind was the surprise of the evening, of course. Along with Sheeran sang the former Take That star, the Angels, and then he quickly as he came and was gone again. It helped the evening for sure, but saved ‘m not.

The first comment that at Sheerans exercise Thursday to make is, is that that really looked like that in Ziggo Dome, that he, last year, two times filled. The show this week is part of the same Divide-tour, so what do we want? Something more than a few small setlistwijzigingen, to be honest. A new, stadionbreed stage and set had also not look out of place.

Side note two is that the Arena is a massive stadium. One where only the greatest artists and bands, standing (last week told Beyoncé there is still the stage with hubby Jay-Z). Sheeran had, strangely enough, more effort everyone -even the boyfriends and fathers who are there for guidance only – in the lesson than, for example, on the festivals that he had previously to his feet. Roughly fit in the Arena two to 2.5 times as many spectators as in Ziggo Dome. A whole step, the Brit also noticed. More than ever he was in between, and during, engaged with the crowd, in which the latter is sometimes a bit hasty impression gave, since he already had to sing, play and are loopmachine operate.

Comment three is finally that Sheeran three major weapons in his artistic arsenal, as a soloist with guitar and loopmachine. First, the up-tempo pop, where he rapkunsten can lose. Hits such as Eraser and Don’t in the first half of the show and Sing and Shape of you, that he Thursday preserved for the lock. Secondly, there are well-known acoustic feel-good guitar pop á la The A Team, Dive-and the soul-soaked Thinking out loud, and Perfect. And last, there are small trips to folk in Galway girl, I see fire and Nancy Mulligan and dancepop in the world grijsgedraaide Shape of you.

All in all it remains that quite a bit, he kicked it there for a reason to world star. But gradually it penetrates still the question: can he do more? How spoiled that sounds. Or are there, in the year 2018. anyway, even people that him, which he Thursday night did, still not have been doing? Let them next time, but a personality, as Sheeran on the foot.

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