Daughter Chantal Bles back home

b50904907f9b0f79e93c73e55975872c - Daughter Chantal Bles back home

The two-year-old daughter of Chantal Bles and Robert Doorbos is back home. Jada was last week operated on the tumor in her body, but the hospital now abandoned.

That tells Chantal on Instagram Stories. According to the stylist, Jada a spirited time behind the back. “She has a lot of pain, but now we are home again and we are working on Jada her recovery. There will still be many chemo’s and radiation treatments to follow, but now with a healthy future in the prospect.”

Chantal focuses in her story to the doctors who Jada have helped. “And then suddenly you can’t as parents do, and the future lies in the hands of the doctors… Our gratitude is large to these special people who are very dear to us.”

Last month left Chantal and Robert know that Jada was very sick. Later it turned out that she has a tumor with metastases. Chantal is currently expecting a second child.

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