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Datalek at Ticketmaster: ‘do you take into account in the holes

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Ticketmaster, the company that the ticket sales of Rock Werchter organizes, to let you know that the data of thousands of customers leaked. ‘Do you take into account in the holes on indications of fraud or identity theft.’

All international customers of Ticketmaster UK, who between september 2017 and June 23, 2018, and concert and festival tickets have given the past few days an e-mail. Therein the message that the company is malicious software has found in a product from an external supplier. “Less than 5 percent of our customers around the world is affected by this incident. Customers in North America are not affected at all’, it sounds.

Who can be affected, thus received an e-mail.

Ticketmaster asks in the mail for your password reset at next logon. It is also recommended that you account to keep an eye on.

What data?

Either the name, the e-mail address, phone number, payment information as the credentials of the customers ‘released’, it sounds.

Already longer known?

Ticketmaster says in the mail that on June 23, the datalek discovered. But according to The Guardian there are doubts about that. The bank Monzo would already be in april, have noticed that customers were hit. The bank says that the Ticketmaster already on 12 april warned.

In our country sells Ticketmaster tickets of various festivals such as Rock Werchter, Suikerrock, Couleur Café. Also, concert tickets, 50 Cent, Enrique Iglesias, Ry Cooder, Dionne Warwick are on the website of the company to purchase.

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