Curved woods goes viral

f264b600572a6ab0175dd578cbaef077 - Curved woods goes viral

Nowe Czarnowo – A bizarre forest with all the bent trees are going viral on Facebook.

The bent forest, The Crooked Forest, in Poland. No one knows why these trees are so crooked are grown.

The Krzywy Las (bent wood) in Poland in 1930 planted. Still understands no one, why these four hundred trees is completely crooked grown.

Locally, a story that carpenters and joiners or boat builders, the growth would have affected to be directly bent wood to saw. Another explanation would be a severe snowstorm in the region West-Pomerania have been at the time young plants krom caused to grow.

Reason for the new interest are the images that wildlife photographer Kilan Schoönberger recently on Facebook shared. “I have a lot of nature seen in Europe, but this has to be the most unique.”

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