Chris Dusauchoit gets started at home

70e906476795a09f6e9f9405a99b6617 - Chris Dusauchoit gets started at home

Chris Dusauchoit breathed in april as a cry for help in connection with a never-before-seen vliegenplaag around his home in Holsbeek. He laid the blame on a veebedrijf. This week it was that time again, and this time put the environmental inspection, the company measures the nuisance in check. The company must ensure that the gutters where the manure of the calves is collected to empty and to clean with a special product. That writes The Latest News. Also chef Hans Meus, the brother of Jeroen, did now complain. “The flies sit with thirty on your coffee, they sit on your plate, they sit on your jam. I have for weeks the vliegenstront of my ceilings scrubbed,” says Dusauchoit recently.

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