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Charleroi invited for the Champions League Basket

The new season of the EuroMillions Basketball League (EMBL) is given shape. The championship 2018-2019 start on 29 september, a week after the Supercup. In the meantime, know the European clubs and their fate. BC Oostende is qualified for the regular season of the Basket League (BCL). Vicekampioen Antwerp Giants start the BCL in the first of three preliminary rounds. Spirou Charleroi got an invitation and will also be in the first preliminary round start.

If they do not succeed in working his way up to the regular season of the Champions League, the Giants and Spirou go in the regular season of the FIBA Europe Cup. Mons-Hainaut for FIBA Europe Cup one or two qualifiers to play.

The draw for the BCL will take place on Wednesday 11 July, the FIBA Europe Cup on Tuesday 31 July.

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