Captain of the Lifeline answered

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VALLETTA – The captain of the ship, the Lifeline, of the German aid-organization Mission-Lifeline, is Thursday, for the second time by the Maltese police answered. Captain Claus-Peter Reisch, in his boat, after days in bad weather on the Mediterranean Sea gedobberd, Wednesday evening still in Malta to apply. He had around 230 migrants on board. Shortly afterwards, it was Reisch by the police questioned.

The research focuses on the question of why the crew of the Lifeline in Libya opgepikte migrants has not been transferred to the Libyan coast guard, including the authorities demanded. In addition, the question has arisen as to why the Lifeline a Dutch flag-station, while the boat is not officially under that flag. The ship is according to the Dutch authorities are not in the appropriate land registry registered.

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