Bullet is through the church: Putin and Trump meet in July

The American president Donald Trump will make his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin in Helsinki meet.

The American president Donald Trump meets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki, the Kremlin announced on Thursday.

On the agenda of the summit ” the current state and development perspectives of the Russian-American relations, as well as vital issues of the international agenda, said the Kremlin in a press release.

‘Get along with Russia is a good thing for us and a good thing for Russia itself’, communicated president Trump Thursday. ‘It is good for everyone, actually, yes, for everyone.’

Joint declaration

Trump has his colleague, previously only in the margin of international gatherings met, the last time in november in Vietnam.

The top will be from a protocolevenement existence, a tête-à-tête and a joint press conference, said Kremlinadviseur Yuri Oesjakov. Possible will there be a joint declaration.

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