Broad support for ban on gokreclame on radio and tv

de5e68f560edb876f45b34d8d12aef9b - Broad support for ban on gokreclame on radio and tv

Opposition party sp.a calls, the Flemish minister of Media Sven Gatz (Open Vld) a prohibition on gokreclame on radio and television. For majority parties CD&V and N-VA is that negotiable, “especially for the VRT”, writes The Latest News today. Also, Green has a similar proposal ready. In the meantime, launches minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V) is a video in which he warns of the dangers of gambling and its future kansspelwet explains.

Flemish member of parliament, Katia Segers (sp.(a) has a proposal ready to put a ban on gokreclame on tv and radio. Minister Gatz keep the boat and stressed that consumer protection is a federal competence. He wants the new federal rules around gokreclame to wait and see. “The discussion continues but will, already during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016,” said Segers, who doesn’t want to wait. “There is still nothing changed and that while gamblers today are very heavy on the trial”.

Also Imade Annouri (Green) wants a ban on radio and tv. “Advertising for online gambling seems to be ubiquitous, the sector is ondergereguleerd and online gambling is unrefined glorified. If you know that since the start of the world cup there is a doubling of the number of gamblers, a quadrupling of the number of accounts and problem gambling more and more increases, you need to intervene,” said Annouri.

CD&V and N-VA are a ban on gokreclame not ongenegen, especially for the VRT. “The VRT would be better to stop”, Flemish member of parliament Karin Brouwers (CD&V). “Especially since year after year, their ceiling of advertising revenues to exceed.” Also N-VA-member of parliament Wilfried Vandaele want such a ban to register in the management agreement of the VRT. “And yes, you can take the discussion even further open to a ban on gokreclame on the commercial broadcasters, all of that should be well thought out. For the commercial sector would be that, after all, a serious impact on their funding.”

The VRT itself is not a problem of a possible ban. “We understand the social sensitivity that is grown and are certainly willing to adapt,” said the VRT spokesperson. “For all clarity: we are already much stricter than what the law prescribes.” He stressed, however, that clear, transparent rules are needed.

In the meantime, launches attorney general john Geens a video in which he warns of the dangers of gambling. In the new kansspelwet that he has prepared, he wants to gokreclame during liveverslaggeving of sporting events, to establish links. Also around programmes aimed at children and minors, will Need gokreclame ban. Also on sports equipment and the equipment of football teams of minors is gokreclame out of the question.

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