Belgian Sennek full of devotion in music

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The Belgian candidate for the Eurovision song contest, Sennek, explains the coming time all the way to music. She works at Ikea, but she has a timeout of four months.


The 28-year-old singer is, according to The Newspaper in Paris to write the songs. “A great environment to get ideas,” says Sennek. “I go up and down to there to write songs with Maxime Tribeche, which is also my Songfestivallied A Matter of Time produced.” Tribeche take her with me to concerts, that her thinking would convert.

There are now three numbers on the band. “The variety of songs,” says Sennek. “The first one is very poppy and up-tempo, the other more in the style of A Matter of Time. That melancholy side of me always drives back up.” The idea is to make a total of five or six songs. One of them is after the summer release.

Sennek was in the first semi-final of the Songfestval off. They finished in twelfth place, but that is for her not by any means a reason to give up. She is glad that they are redeemed from the media circus around the festival, and is now entirely on the music. In August, she is back on the stage, on the Belgian Pukkelpop.

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