Belgian police fear the semi-final world cup

dfa030a83c39a6b65ccad04da93f9560 - Belgian police fear the semi-final world cup

BRUSSELS – The Belgian police are very worried about the workload when the national football team, the Red Devils to the semi-finals doorstoomt at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. The semi-final on July 11th will fall in Belgium, together with a NATO summit in Brussels, the Flemish ’national’ holiday, with plenty of events, and a popmuziekfestival in the Walloon Dour, where each year many tens of thousands of people.

An additional problem of the NATO summit is that there is 11 July protests are to be expected. The American president Trump is also, together with 28 other heads of state and government who need to be protected. One ’high day’ of NATO requires the deployment of 2000 police officers.

“We are actually not ready for such a day”, said a spokesperson of a police union against The Latest News. A spokesman of the Interior minister Jambon mentions the approaching day in July “is an exercise without parallel, one of the most complex (day) ever.” The police fear that the semi final weight on the leg, making the race look outside, and the rash may be on the street to celebrate.

The eleventh of July will be for the police might be less heavy, when the Red Devils on Thursday (28 June) England win. Then play the Belgians after the quarter finals, which they then have to win the semi-finals on 10 July.

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