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Ban on gokreclame not for tomorrow’

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“I’m not against it, but it is not realistic’, says minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V). A ban on online gambling, such as SP.A suggests, there is not.

Gambling and the world cup: even at the VRTgaat well together. Flashy commercials glorify gambling. And those spots are even during the day to see if children and young people spectating.

The questions about which practices were also in question time in the Room to the top. “Every day convert to 125,000 Belgians money in a bet, the online gambling industry is flourishing like never before’, remarked Annick Lambrecht (SP.(A) on. Her party wants to advertise on the online gambling ban. ‘You dresses as a football coach, minister. These films are sympathetic, but of elected politicians, we expect policy.”

500 euros per week

That policy is under construction, stressed Man. A draft law is ready. ‘Advertising for gambling during the soccer match no longer allowed, not even 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the match”, said Geens. Also advertising on the shirts of young people should not. We propose a goklimiet of 500 euros per week. I think that’s a lot, but according to some it is much too little. Finally, the gambling commission, much more can impose sanctions.’

But a total ban? No, that is not there. ‘An outright ban, I think, is not for tomorrow’, gave Geens. ‘If you wish to minister of Justice, mrs. Lambrecht, then you would know that that is not so simple. I’m not saying that I am, it’s just not realistic. It is also a little easy today to say, during the world cup, because many of them will in a few weeks, say no more. We are now so far hit if we could.’

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