At least five deaths by shooting on the editors the American newspaper

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ANNAPOLIS – By a shooting on the editorial staff of a newspaper in Annapolis, in the U.s. state of Maryland, on Thursday that at least five people to the life to come. According to the police, is the man that the fire would have been opened in the building of Capital Gazette caught. Also, a still unknown number of people injured.

According to initial reports, the gunman intruded on the editorial board of the American local newspaper. The motive of the shooter, presumably a man in his twenties, is still unclear. He is questioned by the police.

’Nothing is scarier’

A journalist of the newspaper, Phil Davis, explains on Twitter how the shooter shot the editorial and how he had to hide. “There is nothing scarier in the world than under your desk to take shelter while you hear how multiple people are shot while the shooter hears reload.”

Trump informed

According to a spokesperson of the White House, president Donald Trump informed of the situation. “We hold all affected in our thoughts and prayers.”

The governor of Maryland Larry Hogan said,devastated,” after hearing of the tragedy at the newspaper, one of the oldest in the U.S. and property of The Baltimore Sun.

Area closed

The emergency services are massively on the spot come. They have the area closed. The building is evacuated and is being searched.

According to CBS News, the explosievenopruimingsdienst called to a found packet to inspect.

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