All the world applauds to German faalhazen

9f08320415f72d4607a84285ac88fe57 - All the world applauds to German faalhazen

AMSTERDAM – The elimination of Germany in the Football world cup has led to an unprecedented flow of scornful comments and openly gloating. While Germany is crying, buldert half the world.

The Telegraph put the most eye-catching responses in a row. So do British ex-footballers, the status of British humor to honor on social media, while also fanatical hobbyists are anything but content.

In the meantime, the #GermanyOut trending topic on Twitter, where also the front page of The Sun viral. The newspaper shares a cutout of the word ’schadenfreude’ from a dictionary. Also the sportkatern opens brilliantly.

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Below you will find a selection of all responses. Enjoy!

“Pizza Endstazione’.

“We see each other on the beach’: in several countries seem to be sportredacties not to grieve.

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