Alex Agnew stop band Diablo Blvd

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After, he previously made a comeback in the comedyciruit announced, let Alex Agnew now know that he stops with his band Diablo Blvd. The band plays one last show at the AB in Brussels.

“We want to first and foremost announce that we, as a headliner at the AB in Brussels will be on december 10, 2018”, sounds positive at the Alex, Andrew, Kris, Tim and Jan on Facebook. Then follows, however, is the news that Diablo Blvd suddenly their last show will play. “It will be an evening to remember as this will be the last time that we perform together.”

Agnew thanked the fans in the message and stresses that there is no negativity on the basis of the fraction is. “Together We have the time of our life.”

The sale of tickets for the concert on 10 december will start on 29 June via the website of Ancienne Belgique.

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