Again trofeejaagster under fire after killing giraffe

cca85fddcdf4815ef9a0f71a086ea259 - Again trofeejaagster under fire after killing giraffe

An American trofeejaagster has the anger of many animal lover’s neck, taken after the photos had been posted of her ‘opperprijs’: an adult vrouwtjesgiraf.

‘Yes, I have done it! It is, I managed to: on this picture you see a giraffe up to 18 years old, that 900 kilos in weight. I’ve never been happier.’ Tess Thompson Talley, to South Africa had travelled to be there on rare animal species to hunt, shared her enthusiasm after a ‘layered trofeejacht’ with her friends on Facebook and Instagram. The female giraffe that she shot, it was by her dark fur a ‘opperprijs’, says the young woman.

That they death threats and scheldtirades would receive – as well as several other hunters, that are already virally went with their trophies – had Tess clearly not expected. In just a few hours, several petitions started to have her ‘stop’. “We raise money for this woman to be shot so that they have our trophy can be’ about ‘allows us to raise money so that we can kidnap’ to ‘who knows where this woman lives so we can be home can daub’: social media users were not exactly tender.

Big game hunting

The woman took out her photos offline and left to the American media know that they are her hobby, not less practice, but there now takes into account that ‘it is not a good idea to have such things to show the world’.

Almost exactly three years ago, the problems around trofeejagen to the surface after a well-known African lion, Cecil, was shot and killed. Big Game Huntingis an industry, which even in the character of nature conservation. But that is outside the illegal hunters counted.

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