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A lot of unexpected support for the Red Devils to European Top

84d871a625861cac2a5a4ed895d7a85b - A lot of unexpected support for the Red Devils to European Top

The Red Devils during their world cup match against England later on support from an unexpected corner count. The British prime minister, Theresa May seemed to be in the clouds with a sweater of captain Eden Hazard, and also the Netherlands and Luxembourg seem to be for our country will cheer.

Belgium and England play Thursday evening at 20 o’clock in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, their last groepsmatch at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Both teams are already assured of a place in the eighth finals, but the match nevertheless seems to live with the European heads of state and government. Who are Thursday in Brussels for a European summit.

Prime minister Charles Michel gave the British prime minister, Theresa May, just before the start of the meeting, a sweater of attacker and captain Eden Hazard. There, she seemed to be pleasantly surprised.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, received the a scarf from the Devils, but gave that to Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar. Who had what before the BBC declared – after a short hesitation – that he won’t for England supportert, but for the Belgians. “I’m in Belgium, so a supporter I for the homeland’, he declared afterwards.

The choice of Varadkar’s not completely inexplicable, given the negotiations about the brexit still completely stuck sit. For the Irish grenskwestie is still no solution found: Europe and Ireland would, at all costs, a hard border with Northern Ireland avoid them, but the British do not want Northern Ireland after the brexit still to the single market belongs to.

The Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz was also the question of for whom, he will supportert, but he got the shoulders. From a photo on the Twitter page of Charles Michel proved that the prime minister also his Dutch and Luxembourg counterparts, mr. had occasion to support for the Red Devils.

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