Young politician from the Bronx makes for a surprise

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NEW YORK – The 28-year-old left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx in Democratic primaries in New York for a thundering surprise taken care of. They defeated the 56-year-old veteran Joe Crowley, who since 1999 continuously in the House of Representatives in Washington.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The loss of Crowley is seen as a political earthquake. Politicians in New York are in the preliminaries often do not even challenged, and automatically re-elected. Ocasio-Cortez was within the party the first challenger to Crowley in fourteen years. The candidate of Puerto Rican descent, won 57,75 per cent, reported the American media.

Crowley was in the race to be a prominent feature in Washington. His name was mentioned as a possible new Democratic leader in the House of Representatives.

In the US there are hundreds of primaries in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. Then Ocasio-Cortez against the Republican, and Anthony Pappas. They, subsequently, to a parlementszetel for a constituency that parts of the Bronx and Queens areas, where many minorities live. In the Democratic Party is shocked responded to the surprising win of “the socialite,” Ocasio-Cortez.

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