Writers of horrorhit ‘A Quiet Place’ to work on film adaptation of Stephen King’s book ‘Boogeyman’

74a30831a23b8a654ec02ce6979c9a39 - Writers of horrorhit 'A Quiet Place' to work on film adaptation of Stephen King's book 'Boogeyman'

Fox is developing a horror film based on a short story by the American succesauteur Stephen King, ‘The Boogeyman’. Two writers of the successful horrorthriller ‘A Quiet Place’ will be participating in the project, reports entertainmentmagazine Variety.

The project is in the hands of the team behind the ‘Night at the Museum’franchise, and the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’. Also the ‘Arrival’-producer, Dan Levine working on the film.

‘The Boogeyman’ was first issued in 1973 and takes place in the office of a psychiatrist, where a man with the murders of his three young children describes. All three died after they “Boogeyman” they cried. The story was repeatedly reworked into a short film.

The writers of the horrorhit ‘A Quiet Place’ will be the script pens. The film from director John Krasinski, best known for his role of Jim in the American version of the sitcom ‘The Office’, was a huge success, with a global yield of 330 million dollars and a production budget of barely 17 million dollars. Movie studio Paramount has already announced that there will be a sequel.

The latest film adaptation of a King book, ‘It’, was the most successful horror film of all time, with a global revenue of $ 700 million. Also, this is a sequel in the halls, in september 2019.

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