Winner Leuven Docville festival on the longlist of Oscar langspeeldocumentaires

567250b41d5b275a5b82ddadfbc0e482 - Winner Leuven Docville festival on the longlist of Oscar langspeeldocumentaires

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has Docville, Leuven festival for a documentary film, included in the list of festivals from now on a langspeeldocumentaire may nominate for an Oscar in this category. The winner of the Jury Prize in the International competition at Docville will appear automatically on that longlist. For this year is that the Brazilian documentary “Piripkura” that’s the Price in march won.

From this year, the Academy with a list of 28 leading festivals of which the winning films on the longlist for the category of the langspeeldocumentaires. That way people are not American productions, offering more opportunities to be nominated. Previously it was a theatrical release in the U.S. need.

Docville was as a Belgian festival, chosen on a list that also includes the film festivals of Berlin, Cannes, Idfa (Amsterdam), Hot Docs (Toronto)… of fame. According to festival director Frank Moens is it “a crowning achievement for many years of commitment and confirmation of the international profile”. Also the short film Festival Leuven, which is just as Docville is a part of the vzw Fonk, is an “Oscar Qualifying festival” for the kortfilmcategorie.

The documentary “Piripkura” is about the eponymous indian tribe in an area of the South American rainforest, of which only two members on the nomadic way of life. To the protected status of this piece of rainforest to preserve and bomenkap to hold, they must prove that the tribe still resides there. A torch, which, since 1998, lit, to do this, their most important possession. The torch is in the film used as a metaphor for the extinction of this culture.

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