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Where Kamasi Washington the mustard took (and a few tips for Gent Jazz)

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From headliners like David Byrne, Tom Jones and Paolo Conte is watching a jazzfan already weird, but panic need not be: Gent Jazz also has this year’s excellent jazz has to offer.

Le Manou – Sunday, July 1, 18.50 pm – Garden Stage

Classical music connect with electronic vibes, that’s what the 22-year-old student of music production Manou Maerten said to do. That combination sounds like The Knife with a caravan to the south of France, pulls, and on the way red wine is spilt on a drum machine and James Blake. Also without subbassen she knows how to make an impression, to witness a version of her latest single ‘Pour toi’ with just double bass, piano, and the necessary stemvervorming.

Hudson – Thursday, 5 July, 22: 30 – Big stage

With a supergroup, it is always be careful. However, based on the cd at the Hudson last year was, we can rest easy. Guitarist John Scofield, keyboard player John Medeski and drummer Jack DeJohnette (they all live in the Hudson valley north of New York) will play just as keen to own pieces as covers of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan or Jimi Hendrix. The sixties are therefore never far away. That bassist Larry Grenadier, meanwhile, has been replaced by Scott Colley can not spoil the fun.

Isolde XL – Friday 6 July, 23.59 pm – Garden Stage

When Isolde Lasoen somewhere pops up, you need her, anyway, keep an eye on. When she does that in the company of six seasoned musicians to her francofiele solo album, ‘Cartes postales’ colors, you can rely on a topavond. Take that the extra large line-up extra-late appearances in the gardens of De Bijloke music centre, and you get a garden party that is not long enough can last.

Pharoah Sanders – Saturday, 7 July, 22: 30 – Big stage

Now, Kamasi Washington, jazz hip again has made, could the Gent Jazz can’t do better than Pharoah Sanders program. Just put on “The creator has a master plan” from Sanders’ album Karma (1969), and you will hear where the roots of the spiritual jazz. John Coltrane chose in 1966, the then fledgling Sanders as a second saxophone in that very penalty band from the last years of his life. More than half a century later, sand the sax of Sanders still be business as usual. And then he brings even Nicolas Payton, a trumpeter from New Orleans with a strong reputation.

Then Weiss Starebaby – Saturday, July 7, 23.59 pm – Garden stage

You eight a combination of heavy metal and avant-gardejazz unthinkable? Go listen to Starebaby. A band with in its ranks top as pianists Craig Taborn, and Matt Mitchell, and with a starring role for Ben Monder, guitarist on Bowie’s last album, Blackstar. They share a penchant for heavy metal and the drummer Dan Weiss wrote compositions, that make them at their beck and call controls. The music sometimes has a strange Twin Peaks-content (a song on the cd is dedicated to Angelo Badalamenti), but the passages full of heavy metals that you the longest will stay. Be sure to bring earplugs!

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