UEFA keep AC Milan a penalty from Europe

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NYON – AC Milan may in the coming season for a punishment no European football to play.

Milan, in better times.

The financial control committee of the European bond UEFA punishes Italian club because of the rules regarding Financial Fair Play has exceeded. AC Milan gave in last season significantly more money than the binnenhaalde.

The former European powerhouse came last year in Chinese hands. A consortium under the leadership of businessman Li Yonghong took over the club for 740 million euros from Silvio Berlusconi. The Chinese took last summer, quite by and attracted nearly 200 million euros in new players. There were only a few tens of million dollars of revenue.

Milan ended last season in sixth place and picked up a ticket for the Europa League, but the UEFA gives the ‘Rossoneri’ have no access. The red-and-black band from Milan, is considering the punishment to fight in the international sporttribunaal CAS.

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