Tusk: EU should prepare for worst-case scenarios’

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Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, believes that the European Union must prepare for worst-case scenarios now, the international trade relations more and more under pressure. ‘The policy of Trump, the trans-Atlantic relationships under immense pressure.’

At the European summit in Brussels is going to have the most attention to the European asielpolitiek, but now the EU and Washington together on various products, higher import duties imposed, the European leaders also in the ascending handelsconflict dwell, Tusk.

“Despite our continuous efforts to maintain the unity of the West to maintain the policy of president Trump, the trans-Atlantic relationships under immense pressure. Unfortunately the divisions further than simply trade policy, ” writes Tusk in his invitation letter for the summit. Even though I hope for the best, I think that we are our Union on the worst-case scenarios to prepare.’

On June 1, carried the U.S. higher import duties on European steel and aluminium. The EU riposteerde with their own charges on a series of American products. In a tweet announced Trump Tuesday that there is also an import levy is being considered for European cars.

“They make long-time abuse of the US in the form of trade barriers and tariffs. At the end of the ride will be set equal to be laid – and that’s not very long’, threatened the American president.

“Rules are not respected’

A European top japanese diplomat expected is that at the European summit voice will be on further steps that Trump can take in the European-American handelsconflict.

‘The impact of automobiles on the American national security will be reviewed’, says the. For the higher levies on steel and aluminum, relied on Trump is already on that national security, according to the EU goes, however, to a purely protectionist measure.

The top is for the European leaders a chance to show that the European Union, however, according to the rules of the world trade organisation wants to play, even though the EU that the WTO ‘modernised’ may be, says the same top japanese diplomat. Intellectual property rights would be better protected, while still being too difficult, trade-distorting state subsidies to address, he referred to Chinese practices both in Europe and in America to be frustrated.

The EU sees a pattern in American policy. “This is a doctrine where there are no friends, and no enemies are, but also where the international rules of law not to be respected’, is the analysis around the rond point Schuman.

Juncker, on a visit to Trump

European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, incidentally, is going to the White House to travel and directly with Trump to talk. This visit should be “the lines of communication open,” and ” the commercial problems in a friendly way to solve’, said the spokesman for Juncker on Wednesday. A date for the visit of Juncker isn’t confirmed yet.

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