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TRON Updates: Coin Burn completed, Futures planned, Stripper App

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The crypto-currency TRON yesterday officially activated their own Mainnet and is now on its own two feet. For the Celebration of the Independence Days, was also a Coin Burn, which is now completed, success will be enough. Furthermore, on the stock exchange BitMex TRON-Futures are planned and a TRON-developed Stripper dApp has been causing a stir in the network.

By Justin Sun announced Coin Burn was concluded successfully yesterday. It was a total burnt a lot of a billion TRX, which corresponds to a value of almost $ 50 million.

Although it has been a gift to the Community, so the effects were almost not noticeable, since the Maximum Token Supply in the case of TRON, with over 99 billion, the TRX is very high and the Coin Burn of a billion TRX in the ratio is very low. The current market situation also ensures that the TRX-course trend follows a negative.

The stock exchange BitMEX, which has within the last 24 hours, the biggest trading volume of over $ 2 billion, plans to TRON-Futures. Thus, it should be the customer of the stock market possible to bet on the price of TRON and earn zusättzliches money.

The futures contracts should only be offered at the end of September. This decision of the stock exchange was due to the large demand from the TRON Community.

The dApp Crypto Stripper was developed by the TRON Foundation to test on the new Blockchain. This was necessary to make a step-by-step with the new environment and the own block chain ecosystem.

Within the dApp, players can buy a Stripper for and in order to trade gold earn coins. Depending on the type of trade the price of gold coins varies.

Due to a large demand and increased popularity after only 4 days on the Portal DappRadar on the fifth place, the TRON Foundation, that they had to develop a Plan for the project, but is now an extension of tarp. A possible extension could be the Integration of Smart Contracts. How this will look in Detail remains to be seen.

The price of TRON’s moves, similar to the current market trend tends to be downwards and recorded a price decline of – 5,63% to a price of 0.033 EUR per TRX. With a marktkapita stabilization of 2.1 billion euros, TRON slips to 11th place in the biggest Crypto currency in the world, behind the Tether, and IOTA.

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