Swans attack people on to their child, a cup, to protect

Grundlsee – Two gay swans from the Austrian municipality Grundlsee are transferred to another residence after they have plenty of bathers were attacked. The swans were overbeschermend become their ’child’, a colored plastic cup.

Not the swans from the story.

According to Kleine Zeitung showed the dogs aggressive behavior towards people and boats. Several persons are also daarwerkelijk attacked by the swans, one victim was deep bites.

The mayor of Grundlsee, Franz Steinegger, was advised of the swans to kill but that was for him not an option, writes the Austrian newspaper. There is for the animals searched for an alternative solution. A move to a lake in Tyrol proved outcome.

Mayor Steinegger has wildlife ranger Alexander Groder turned on to allow the animals to move. The move is, according to Small Newspapers as well. Or their ’child’ has moved, unfortunately, is not known.

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