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Study: interest in Bitcoin & crypto currencies will double in a timely manner

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A new study by the Dutch Bank ING group predicts a doubling of interest in crypto-currency in the population. 15 percent of the respondents indicated that they would be willing to receive your salary in the Form of crypto-currencies.

By the time fall courses and the associated loss of the interest for Bitcoin and co. drops sharply. This development also shows very clearly the development of the Graphes of Google Trends.

The Hype began last year in December, lasted until the end of February and flattened since with each month. Comes to a different conclusion to the international-scale study of the ING group.

In this Survey of more than 15,000 persons in Europe, Australia and the USA were interviewed to find out how much people are actually interested in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

According to the ING Survey, 9 percent of the participants in crypto-currencies and 25 percent to have in the near future digital currencies. 15 percent of Europeans would even want their salary in the Form of crypto-currencies.

A third of respondents had never heard of crypto-currencies. This clearly shows that the main stream adaptation is not yet reached all of the people. 46 percent of Europeans believe that investment in crypto-currencies for riskier than the Investment in the shares. At the present time, 30 percent of Europeans claimed to be in crypto-currencies to invest.

The summary of the study shows a significant change compared to the beginning of the year 2017. To not know at this time a predominant part of the population of crypto-currencies, and had never heard of it. Jessica Exton, behavior researchers ring at ING, points out that the “Hunger” for crypto-currencies could double in the near future (freely translated):

Crypto-currency for many remains an abstract investment, but there could be more of an appetite for digital currencies, as some suspect, maybe. based on our survey, could not currencies of the ownership of Crypto in the future, more than double – although we know when. When the Cryptocurrency stabilizes, you can increase the interest quickly.

How quickly the interest in times the hype may rise, it also showed the previous figure of Google Trends. The fact is that the interest stinks currently. Trigger for this is likely to end in a negative trend and poor development of the prices of Bitcoin and co.

This, in turn, shows that a majority of the interested parties can inspire less for the technology and the possibilities of crypto-currencies, but more on achieving a quick Win. Nevertheless, it is encouraging that a majority of people think about it to invest in crypto-currencies.

The price of Bitcoin listed at the time of writing a minimum decrease of – 1.97 percent to a price of 5.235,60 Euro. The market capitalization is just under 89.6 billion euros and the bitcoin dominance is 42.6 percentage points.

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