Special day for Rossana Kluivert

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Rossana Kluivert after a difficult time today, good news. On Instagram, let them know that today the construction of its hondenopvangcentrum started.


“Today is a special day,” writes Kluivert to a video of the opening, which shows how her team at Curacao the champagne open and a toast is released, while an excavator is the first of work and ground paving for the building. Could they not be there. “But from the Netherlands a big kiss and go here just go.”

It is for Rossana a dream come true. “We started with the construction of my dream, namely the hondenleed on Curacao stop.” According to her, a number of volunteers are working day and night on the island ’to that drop in the bucket’. “Together we are strong and this should work.”

It is good news for the wife of Patrick Kluivert, who for more than two months ago breast cancer was diagnosed. All she had was a few appointments cancel for the project, for which they themazender TLC pictures would make, let them know the project is not to let go. The first day after surgery get out of bed if she let on Instagram then also know to immediately continue to work on the Kluivert Dog Rescue Center.

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