Spanish Supreme court confirms process Puigdemont for rebellion

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Marketed Catalan minister-president Carles Puigdemont, and fourteen other separatist politicians have certainly accused of rebellion, disloyalty and civil obedience. The Spanish Supreme court has an appeal of the defendants dismissed.

The accusation of rebellion is justified, because there is a ‘revolt’ of the separatists. That was ‘unlawful’ and had as its purpose the independence of Catalonia to acquire, this is amongst others in the grounds of the beroepskamer of the court.

It rejected the contention of the separatists, that they in Spain are a victim of ‘political persecution’. Multiple defendants dwell already in a Spanish cell, others – such as Puigdemont – life-in-exile.

Conviction in absentia

After the controversial referendum on Catalan independence and his forfeiture of his office, is Puigdemont in the autumn of 2017 to Belgium fled. On the basis of a European arrest warrant, he is in march in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein arrested. The German court must now decide whether the 55-year-old Catalan to Spain will be delivered.

If there is no extradition, then it depends Puigdemont a conviction in absentia over the head. That can be up to thirty years in prison.

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