Spain picks up a runaway drug lord on

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Barcelona – A new success for the Spanish police in the fight against ” Los bec exhibition centre’, the drugsclan that in the South of Spain, lord and master in the hasjhandel. This morning were two members of the clan were arrested, among whom the second man in the organization. Samuel Crespo was already four months on the run.

Crespo was at the beginning of February picked up, but was then in a spectacular action by twenty masked gang members freed. Who raided the hospital where the drugsbaas nursed was, after his arrest, light was injured. The action was so swift that the police are but one of the raiders could pick up.

Crespo hid himself in a country house near Jimena and was barely more after his escape four months ago. “He was hunted as a rabbit in a burrow,” says one agent against the Spanish newspaper El País.

’King of the trade picked up’

The arrest is not ruled success of the police. A few weeks ago picked up the police’s ’king of the trade’ already, Antonio Tejón – the undisputed leader of the clan. Of the leaders of Las Catañas is now only Francisco Tejón, the brother of Antonio, is still on free feet. Against him walk several arrest warrants.

Las bec exhibition centre are so dangerous because they are the thirty different drug gangs in the region want to merge into one large organization with three thousand members of his gang. Politiebonden warned that under the leadership of the drug mafia power in the area could take over.

Also mentions the government’s drugs are successful, experts warn that only 10 or 20 percent of the total amount of drugs in the South of Spain arrives, is seized.

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