Socialist greenhorn defeats Democratic figurehead

906c5e0d6854dba749c523915f430e32 - Socialist greenhorn defeats Democratic figurehead

The 28-year-old Latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialite from New York, during mid-term elections in the US, unexpectedly, the ‘king of Queens’ cast aside.

In seven American states, was Tuesday chosen which Democratic and Republican candidates will be at the ‘midterm elections’, the mid-term mid-term losses, in november. The most notable victory was in the fourteenth congress district of New York obtained. Over the years Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (28) when the Democrats are Joseph Crowley (56).

Crowley is a Democratic figurehead, and is allegedly being considered to become top executives within the party. So titlethe Politico last month that the ‘king of Queens’ Nancy Pelosi would succeed as leader of the opposition in the House of Representatives.

Analysts describe Crowleys defeat as the most remarkable in years. Ocasio-Cortez is just 28 years old, Latina, pronounced to the left, and they came but for the first time in elections. In the presidential election of 2016 made them part of the campaign team of Bernie Sanders.


“This victory puts the ideological contradictions for the midterms heavily in the paint’, says news agency Reuters. ‘Another canary in the coal mine’, analyses a Democratic strategist. Within the Democratic party is, after all, the existence of an increasing gap between the wing of the establishment, on the one hand, and the growing liberal-inspired wing on the other.

In a comment let Crowley know that he Ocasio-Cortez would support in the elections in november. “The government-Trump is a threat to everything that we share here in Queens and The Bronx (districts in New York City, ed.) for. If we of the House of Representatives in november, and recovery, we lose the country we so much love.’ Ocasio-Cortez sees in her victory, ” the start of a movement (“movement”, red.)’.

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