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BARCELONA – He played yesterday, the murdered innocence in the courtroom: Eduardo Vela, a doctor of 85 which rightly stands in a historic trial, around the tens of thousands of babies who, at the time of the reign of Franco were stolen.

Ines Madrigal gave the first impetus for the lawsuit over the ’stolen babies’.

The babies were cruel manner with their biological mother snatched, and of Franco supporters. Vela is suspected to be one of the leading figures in the network of babyhandel. The Spanish prosecutors demands eleven years in prison against him, for the facilitation of illegal adoption, illegal detention of persons and the certification of non-existent births.

The lawsuit against the 85-year-old was brought by Ines Madrigal, president of an Association of Stolen Babies. In 2010, the woman began from Murcia to suspect that she is a ’stolen baby’ was, after an article in the newspaper El País las about practices in the San Ramonkliniek, where Vela was in charge, and what in the world had come. After investigation, Madrigal found out that she indeed was stolen. “A huge emotional blow,” she said yesterday against the judges.

To the bottom stone above, did Madrigal also filed charges against her adoptive mother Inés Pérez. Who told the examining magistrates, how doctor Eduardo Vela her in 1968, explained how pregnancy was fake. “I had to pretend I was sick, and a pillow under my clothing so it seemed like I have a belly.” Then she got in June her baby ’as a gift’.

During interrogation, recognized Vela that his signature on a falsified bevallingsdocument was, but he also said: “I didn’t know what I signed.” Yesterday in court he denied, however: “The signature is not of me.” He played his role of the murdered innocence with gusto. “I don’t know… I remember it not,” continued the elderly doctor to repeat the answer to the questions of the judges. “I went only on the medical side of the case.”

There are 2000 similar lawsuits in the pipeline. Some stakeholders are already dead. So died in 2013, just before her trial, an 87-year-old nun who with Vela worked.

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