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Six artists-Couleur Cafe colors

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With Damso programming Couleur Café this coming weekend is a high-profile name, but on the poster there are still a few interesting artists, a French DJ with an infantile name, French-Cuban twin sisters.

Mahalia – Friday June 29, 19 pm – Blue Stage

Authenticity with A capital A in this Mahalia – song titles as I wish I missed my ex and Proud of me don’t lie. On that last song, outlines her tender but well-filled life story. Where so many of her contemporaries aim for quick success, tokkelde she’s already on her eighth on the road. Meanwhile, had her acoustic guitar to give way to sultry beats, but her voice remains fortunately intact. ‘If you don’t go viral / You should quit it / I am the revival of the unfinished / You’re my witness’. Willing eyewitnesses to gather the best time at the Blue Stage.

Ibeyi – Friday 29 June, 21 pm – Green stage

Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz went into hiding last year, suddenly, in Beyoncé’s short film for her album Lemonade. Self made the French-Cuban twin sisters fascinating clips for ‘Deathless’ (featuring Kamasi Washington!) and other gorgeous, musically utterly undefinable numbers. The binder could be voodoo. The rhythms, the instrumentation, the spirituality, the closeness with their ancestors in Nigeria and Cuba. It is an enchanting world where anything seems possible.

Panda Dub – Friday 29 June, 00: 30 – Green stage

Infantile name for a French DJ to have a classic chopped reggaedubs ingenious opfokt to a new kind of trance, decorated with all kinds of global beats and samples. A mass of followers on the social media was two years ago already guarantee a crowd gathers at the Brussels dubfestival Reggaebus. Panda Dub transcends in the meantime, the traditional closed reggaecircuit and take a musician on the stage. Perfect chill out set for the first day.

Chronixx – Saturday 30 June, 20 hour – Red stage

The most popular reggaezanger of this time knew with his debut album (2017) not all of the fans to convince. But Chronixx drill with his sweet, r’n’b tinged tunes a whole new audience, and there’s still plenty of roots in the rhythms and the lyrics to the holy rastavuur burning to keep. Live Chronixx since his first modest appearance in Belgium five years ago, is fully open, bloomed, gebackt by his own Jamaican Zinc Fence Band. That alone is a reason to go look in a time when many reggaesterren is, for budgetary reasons, accompanied by European musicians.

Akua Naru – Saturday 30 June, 20.45 pm – Green Stage

If there was still a provocative soulsterren were in the area after the D’angelo concert canceled for health reasons? Sure: the Cologne is a great American Akua Naru-fits like a glove on this oestrogeenrijke poster. More even: it is likely that the presence of this black magic woman the temperature continues to stirs with a plea for women’s rights and the importance of foreplay. Pointed the ears.

Fatoumata Diawara – Sunday, July 1, 16.45 – Green Stage

It Is her career as an actress and director who, for that cinematic look? There appear namely spontaneous images from all corners of the world on your retina when the Malian Fatoumata her belts and start it. Even those who are usually screaming running away from everything to world music, smells, touch enchanted. She finds it important to have traditions with the rest of the world to share and connect, something to which the British brothers Disclosure also ear – they sampleden her latest single Ultimatum.

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