Salvation is near for football players?

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Bangkok – The Thai Seals put everything on the line to the Thai football team, that since Saturday is missing in a complex of caves in the north of the country, living above the ground. Rescue workers are busy with the drilling of a deep shaft to the players and the coach to deliver. The rescue operation is difficult, because the caves by heavy rainfall are flooded.

It comes to twelve boys in the age from eleven to fifteen years and their 25-year-old coach. When the team after an excursion Saturday was not returned, was there to raise the alarm. Rescue workers and divers have the guys located, but are there still not managed to reach them, or to make contact. The cave system is due to the flood muddy and cluttered. The presumption is that the team is in a 7 km away cave its refuge has sought.

Water cloudy

Family members of the missing persons watch meantime at the entrance of the complex. Scuba diving enthusiasts of the Thai Seals search for the missing soldiers in the flooded caves. The divers have a difficult task, because the water is particularly turbid. If the missing persons are found, it is likely that those not immediately evacuated may be because of the water.

Some family members are so exhausted from the stress, that there were already several people fainted.

Therefore, is there as much as possible, water from the caves pumped. The monsoon has just recently begun, so that is a hellish job, if only because the rain pouring from the sky.

With helicopters and on foot also searched for hidden entrances to the complex.

It is difficult for the family and friends of the missing persons the courage to keep, but they do their best. The mother of a missing boy has been waiting for since Saturday night, shortly after the disappearance was first reported, in the cave. “I haven’t slept,” she says to news agency Associated Press. “I hope that they all safely come out. My son is a strong boy. I keep hope.” Some family members are so exhausted from the stress, that there were already several people fainted.

Although for the life of the team is feared, the Thai prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha convinced that they are still alive.

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