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Rita Mallinson talks about Circle’s USDC and Asset Framework

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Circle, an international crypto-Finance company, which was founded in the year 2013, is on a Mission to enable anyone worldwide to improve the global economy. The company started in the year 2013 with the sale of Bitcoin, unlike most of the other companies at the time, no technical background knowledge was at a Circle, however, necessary.

One of the main objectives of the Circle for its products, such as Poloniex, Invest and Trade is to provide customers with access to innovative new projects that drive the industry.

The Fintech giant is now launching a new crypto-currency that is tied to US Dollar reserves. The crypto-currency, USDC or USD Coin called, will be Token a ERC20-based on the Ethereum block Chain. The company has also announced a partnership with Bitmain, a new strategic financing and Asset-Framework.

What USDC is?

As already indicated, the USDC as ERC-20-Token, based on the Ethereum network published. The tokens will be reserved in a 1:1 ratio with USD. The best thing about this Token is that it offers all of the great benefits of crypto currencies, without the disadvantage of volatility. Not only that, but Circle has also collected $110 million dollars to develop the USDC for Ethereum-Compatible-Stablecoin. It is based on the Open-Source Fiat-Stablecoin-Framework, developed by the CENTER and managed.

The Problem that often occurs with the so-called stable coins, is that the financial and operational transparency is missing. Often these companies are located in countries with no regulations and are based on unknown Bank-partnerships and audit partners. Circle’s USDC solves these problems by providing unforeseen operational and financial transparency, and within the United States of America, as well as in compliance with the money transmission laws of the country in surgery. It is built on the Open Source Framework, has an open membership program by the name of CENTRE and allows eligible financial institutions to be part of. USDC-tokens are based on CENTRE-created rules, distributed and exchanged.

To give you a better insight into this project, we present to you an exclusive Interview with Rita Mallinson, a spokeswoman of the Circle.

Question: recently announced Circle that its products and services through the development of a “U.S.-Dollar-coin”, in short, USDC, improve wool. You have, in the meantime, any news about the development of the USDC-coin?

Rita Mallinson: We will USDC this year to publish, but have no defined date.

Question: In his lecture on the MoneyConf 2018 was Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire, his Vision of a globalised economy and society, in which every Form of value storage and public records, a crypto-Token is. To what extent have prepared the various companies of the Circle, such as the Acquisition of the Poloniex exchange, the company is to survive in this new economy and thrive?

Rita Mallinson: The Acquisition of Poloniex addresses an important part of our Vision – an open, global Token marketplace. We are in the process, stabilize it, ensure that it complies with the regulations and are working to improve customer service. The Circle, founded CENTER Foundation will provide Standards for the development of Fiat-stablecoins, which contribute to the creation of a price-stable digital economy, the first step in the Tokenization of each currency.

Question: Are there any other exclusive announcements, with crypto Ticker could share?

Rita Mallinson: We have recently our Asset-Listing-Framework. It provides an approach to understanding the potential of each asset. The basic concept behind this project is how we are going to list new Assets and other usual crypto-currency events want to have. To this end, we have divided some of the questions in five broad categories. These categories are: fundamentals, technology, people, business model and market dynamics. We evaluate the projects in each category on the basis of available data points and other data provided to us on our Asset listing form. You can find more information in our Blog.

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