Reddingsschip Lifeline arrived in the port of Valletta

935e8136c952c7af890bfd34e3288f93 - Reddingsschip Lifeline arrived in the port of Valletta

The reddingsschip Lifeline is Wednesday around 19: 30 hours the port of the Maltese capital of Valletta entered. That the Maltese television reported. The ship with more than 200 migrants on board was Wednesday morning the green light from Malta to lakes.

The Lifeline was searching for since last week Thursday to a port where the vessel could moor. Previously refused both Italy, Spain and France to the ship. Finally Malta has committed.

For refugees on board was also already found a solution. Eight European countries have agreed to a number of them asylum to grant, if it appears that they are right ophebben. In addition to Belgium, that a maximum of fifteen migrants, recording, and Malta itself is going to France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The Lifeline, which is under Dutch flag, according to the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte be subject to an investigation to be sure of the nationality of the ship and whether the crew is to the rules of international law.

The captain would order to the migrants pick up by the Libyan coast guard to have ignored. In that way, smuggling in the hand worked, according to Conte.

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