Raoul Heertje is attack on Telegraaf be okay

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When Raoul Heertje Tuesday heard about the attack on The Telegraph he went from the worst. He finds the event to be easy, because it’s ’only’ to a van in the facade. “We must not be hysterical about.”

Raoul Heertje

“You have to have a little perspective. He just drive on a window, go back and ride there again. That is called an attack. I read ’attack’ and thought…”, responding Gentleman in VI Orange Stays at Home. “This is very, eh, before I crap get, but if this is the kind of attacks which we in the Netherlands: well, like. It is aware that there are no deaths, I take it.”

Ronald Ockhuyen, editor of The local newspaper, sees the situation much more serious. “We scare a little too much, but it is a clumsy attack. It is a ernsige case that the media are being attacked. If the media in a country are attacked, it is by definition a serious matter. Of course, it is good to put things into perspective, and there are jokes about it with a sense of humour can always go back by. Of course, it is a kind of intimidating precipitation, but actually it is there, perhaps, said: ’next time we drive with a bus with dynamite inside. It really is really serious though.”

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