’Princess Leah had a relationship with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury

In a recently released biography about Carrie Fischer is a series of sexual contacts of the Star Wars-actress discussed. As cataracts also read that the 2016 death Fischer has a relationship with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.

Carrie Fischer

The first meeting between Fischer, Mercury and Bowie took place during a celebration of the Rolling Stones legend in 1973. The then 17-year-old Carrie was taught at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama when she and her mother Debbie Reynolds for the party were invited.

Although Fischer himself never in any detail is entered on its relation with Mercury and Bowie, according to Darwin Porter, the author of the biography, all appearances are that they be intimate been. Freddie identified himself at the time as a bisexual and had a relationship with women.

If the rumors are true, it went both Carrie and David strange. Bowie was still married to his ex Angie and Fischer with Paul Simon.

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