Presenter of MTV reality show ‘Catfish’ exonerated and purified in #MeToo case

Yaniv “Nev” Schulman, a well-known schermgezicht of tv channel MTV because of the popular tv series ‘Catfish’, was over a month ago, accused of sexual misconduct. The shooting of the reality show were immediately kept on hold, pending a review. That research suggests the allegations are now of the hand as “implausible”, and ” tv-station MTV and the confidence in the presenter recovered, thus entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter.

The recordings of ‘Catfish’ have been resumed. “Although we never had a formal complaint is received, we have agreed with an independent investigation,” a spokesman from MTV. The researcher concluded that the allegations are “not credible and unfounded”.

In may claimed a woman, who three years ago competed on the reality show, in a Youtubevideo that Schulman had molested between the recordings, and had on her ingepraat to the sheets, to share with him, so to speak, “to her sexuality, to explore”.

Schulman thanked his fans on Twitter for their support and expressed his satisfaction about the conclusion of the study.

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