Poland eases controversial ’Holocaust law’

0f0924852563a90a35618c21a1697f43 - Poland eases controversial ’Holocaust law’

WARSAW – Poland softens a controversial law that makes it a punishable offence to suggest that Poland has been involved in crimes committed by the nazis in the country are committed. The parliament agreed Wednesday to agree with the amendment that there is no prison sentence will stand.

The parliament had the law in February adopted, much to the dismay of especially Israel. With the law, wants the Polish government to prevent that Poland is blamed for the Holocaust.

Especially the term “Polish camps” for the German nazi camps in Poland, mostly by foreigners, was the reason for the law. Someone in the concentration camps described as ’Polish camps’ could be punished with imprisonment up to three years. That last is now of the job. The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded happy at the easing.

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