Pierce Brosnan wants Tom Hardy the torch of 007 takes over

Former ‘James Bond’actor Pierce Brosnan has for a while been the secret agent-outfit on the hook is hung. But that does not mean that he has no eye for new talent. According to him, would Tom Hardy be the perfect candidate for a new 007 movie.

Brosnan played four times for the role of the secret agent and has his own idea about who is a worthy successor to Daniel Craig, who reportedly begins his last Bond film. “I think Hardy is a very good 007. You have a Bond need him a little bit can let go and Tom is very suitable for us,” says Cunningham in an interview with The Daily Mail.

The former secret agent has about the other spies only but praise. “Daniel Craig is five times the skin crawl of Bond and in a strong way. He looks deadly strong.” About who ultimately will succeed is already years of speculation. The rumours of Idris Elba, even a woman, but until now there is still nothing concrete decided.

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