O. J. Simpson brings wallet back

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Honesty is the best policy, should O. J. Simpson have thought when he was a wallet found in a parking lot. The former American Football star, who in the past has been accused of committing a double murder, hesitated, according to his lawyer and sought direct contact with the owner, whose data in the wallet were.

O. J. Simpson

“O. J. opened the wallet to see if there is a card in there from the owner. He found an address but no phone number. Once back home he can find, and thus he could the wallet return,” said O. J.’s lawyer Malcolm LaVergne in The Blast.

Simpson added itself to: “I know how annoying it is when your documents will lose. Two weeks ago I got my driving licence lost and that was very frustrating. Therefore, I have the address of the owner looked up and I have the wallet that same night reduced. I hope that other people would do in such a situation.”

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