New York Times fears for ‘existential crisis’ if Belgium is world champion is

9988db5c3665a17cf4393a07d56fd57d - New York Times fears for ‘existential crisis’ if Belgium is world champion is

“What, with Belgium as the world cup football winner?’ A remarkable question at the top of the website of The New York Times Wednesday morning. ‘Perhaps an existential crisis’, is the equally remarkable response.

According to the American newspaper are Belgians proud that they are humble, open, creative and pragmatic. “We are good to ourselves not to take seriously’, is a speech of king Albert II from 2010 cited. That explains, according to The New York Times on how our country to his national team at the world cup are watching.

‘Multitudes come together in squares to big screens to cheer for the Red Devils, but few believe that Belgium is also effectively a world champion, ” believes the newspaper. ‘Against stronger opponents they expect to be a disappointment, but there will the Belgians are perfectly able to.’

That the whole country is currently happy with the Belgian tricolour waving and duivelhoedjes intent, according to the Americans for a large part due to the marketing campaign of Jupiler. Because such displays of patriotism are ” usually rare in a country where that is the joke, the national self-image characterized by a lack of a national sense of identity’. That Yves Leterme 11 years ago, the Marseillaise sung in the place of the Belgian would be a prime example of this.


So what if the national team when the world cup wins? “Who knows, it causes an existential crisis, let The New York Times a British writer who already lives in Brussels, living in the word. Because according to the newspaper, identify the Belgians prefer regional and local, than national. ‘The rivalry between the two largest languages of the country is stronger than ever. Fortunately, there is no problem with the Red Devils, with players with Moroccan, Malian, Kosovo, and Spanish backgrounds, and a coach who is in English with his players to communicate.’

Yet according to The New York Times nothing change fundamentally if Belgium is world champion. ‘Perhaps the overwinningsbus is vastrijden in the many Brussels road and someone is singing, perhaps, a wrong national anthem. Belgium can’t do that in Belgium. That is just so charming.’

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