Lindsay Lohan makes reality tv show

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The actress is going to be a show about her life as a businesswoman in Greece for MTV.

Lindsay Lohan is currently developing a new reality tv show for MTV. The series will go to her life in Greece, where she was a little zakenimperium worked his clubbaas – they opened recently a location in Mykonos and plan to have another club to open in Town.

“I now have a business side to my life, but I’m not in America, so no one knows of, what I love,” said the actress to The New York Times.

She hopes that the new show will ensure that people no longer see it as a fact, like ten years ago, when Lindsay more fame acquired by her nightly adventures than by her acting. “I’m a normal, nice person. A good man,” she explains. “I have no bad intentions. And my past in the past. People should just let it go and stop with the bring as well, that is once it’s done.”

Lohan will also again play a role in the tv movie of Tyra Banks, Life-Size. Therein, she plays Casey Stuart as tegenspeelster of Banks, which is a doll that comes to life. “Lindsay Lohan is definitely back in Life-Size 2, yes! We’ll talk about now and they need to come back!” he told Tyra Banks during an interview with Steve Harvey.

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