Lifeline is moored in Malta

63669afcd36affeee86737698ae6b559 - Lifeline is moored in Malta

VALLETTA – The controversial boat Lifeline of the German Mission-Lifeline is Wednesday, the port of the Maltese capital Valletta chosen. The crew had earlier Wednesday been given in Malta to lakes. Upon arrival in Valletta, brought emergency three babies and one other person directly to the hospital.

The ship has six days in the Mediterranean Sea in the hope of a Italian or Maltese port to be allowed entry. On board are seventeen German crew members and approximately 230 for the coast of Libya opgepikte migrants for a large part seasick by the bad weather.

Several European countries have pledged migrants to take the ship. The netherlands takes up to twenty recognised refugees from Malta to that country to enable the occupants of the Lifeline to catch.

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