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Laugh, will you not, tonight

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Now the groepsronde at the end, it is for a lot of football teams the laugh will perish. Tonight may include Brazil, Germany and Sweden still are fighting to make their stay in Russia is extended. And says that you have nothing, then there is still an excellent thriller about one of the most notorious assassins in the history of the USA.


NPO2, 22.55-23: 55 hours

Some Filipino straatjongens from the slums of Manila to get a chance for their life to change forever. In a paradisiacal environment, there is suddenly music and they can play and exercise. But they can be life changing, now that they are all so young the worst traumas have suffered?


Canvas, 22.15-23.15 hours

Louis Theroux travels to the Brain Injury Rehabilition Trust, and are confronted with the consequences of brain lesions. The real question is: how do you stay love someone who is so hard changed?


Q2, 20.50-22.50 hours

Richard Kuklinski was one of the most notorious assassins in the history of the USA. Kuklinski had a conduct disorder, which did not prevent him from decades of a double life to lead as a good family man and beroepsdoder. Really happened. The interpretation of Michael Shannon goes through bone and marrow. In short, the laugh will you not, tonight.

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