Johan Derksen is a joke ’kutauteurtje’ Tommy Wieringa ’very sickening’

4d86f0f5862072a98a8eb5b0d644159f - Johan Derksen is a joke ’kutauteurtje’ Tommy Wieringa ’very sickening’

Johan Derksen takes it in the program VI Orange Home remains on for The Telegraph and condemns the joke of Tommy Wieringa about the attack on The Telegraaf hard.

Johan Derksen

He thinks it is but ’a v precipitate, which Tommy Wieringa on the attack on The Telegraph at the VNG congress, if requested, responded, “That was time”. “Not funny at all, I find the man anyway, it’s not funny.”

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The voetbalanalist makes short shrift with the ’dedain’ that Wieringa and also, for example, Raoul Heertje talk about the newspaper. “These are people with dedain look down on that ‘people’s newspaper’ Who have an opinion, that arrogant stand to do. I find that very sickening. Because if there is a car entering from one or other kutauteurtje that 500 sell books, then Lead in last when mr. of course, eh.”

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The attack is a serious case, Derksen, where the whole freedom of the Dutch press on the game state. “They spared just a nobody.”

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