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Joe Jackson died

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Joe Jackson, father of Michael and Janet Jackson, is at the age of 89 died, so reporting the American media.

The patriarch of the Jackson family was suffering from pancreatic cancer and was earlier this month admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles. There he is Wednesday morning died, in the presence of his family. Jackson knew the past few years, different health problems, survived all of a few heart attacks and a stroke.

Joe Jackson and his wife Katherine Scruse had together ten children, one died at a young age. Son Michael died in 2009 as a result of an overdose of drugs. He also has a daughter from an extramarital relationship.

Strict manager

Father Jackson had a major hand in the careers of his children. First, he was manager of The Jackson Five, then he led also the solo careers of Michael and Janet, who accused him of emotional abuse and their dominant father fired from his job.

Joe himself showed little regret of how he and his children with treated. “I am glad that I strictly was, because look where they are now. My children are loved all over the world. And they have always treated properly, ” he said in 2013 in an interview with CNN.

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