Iron Maiden sued for lyrics

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Ex-singer Dennis Willcock suing his former band Iron Maiden. According to him, has the metal band are lyrics used without permission. Willcock claims to be the songs Prowler, Charlotte the Harlot, Phantom of the Opera, Iron Maiden and Prodigal Son to have written.

Those five songs were on two albums in 1980 and 1981 released. Willcock was already in to Iron Maiden way, even before the band his star of fame had acquired. The singer left the band after two years in 1978 in the advertising world, to go to work. He claims, according to The Sun that when he left, he was the music left behind and never to Iron Maiden has listened.

Musician Terry Wilson-Slesser close the claim. He says that he has co-wrote the lyrics of the song A Rainbow’s Gold by Beckett from 1974 by Iron Maiden would have been used for the song Hallowed Be Thy Name 1982.

The joint requirement is $ 2 million. A spokesman for Iron Maiden called the allegations ‘completely ridiculous’.

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